​Laundry Detergent HD    

Angry Orange Cleaner (Amazon)   

Downy Fabric Softener  

Paper Towels     

SHOUT for Cleaning tough stains  

Garbage Bags    

Poop Bags     

Soft Fleece Blankets (Mainstay from Walmart)

Gently used Towels   

Twin or Full Sized Flat Sheets 

Gently used Pillows  

Pillow Cases   

Dog Beds (with zipper or machine washable)

Puppy Soft Food Cans 

Puppy Food (Nutro/Kirklands/Hills: Ideal Balance/Hills: Science Diet Small Bites- Healthy Development)

Cans of Pure Pumpkin

Dog Bowls (metal)

Adult Food (Kirklands/Science Diet/Nutro)

Sturdy Plastic and Metal Pens (of different heights)

Dog Crates and Crate Pads

Gentle Leader harnesses

Collars (all sizes)


Pee-Pee Pads

Training Treats (Nutro/Bil Jac/Beggin Strips)

KONG toys/Nylabones/Puzzle Toys

Puppy Toys

Plastic Swimming Pool

Peanut Butter

Heartguard Heartworm Preventative

Nexguard or Sentinel Flea and Tick Preventatives

Baby Wipes


Shampoo for Puppies and Adult Dogs (including flea and tick shampoo)

Puppy Milk Replacer (powder)

Pedialyte (unflavored)

Pepcid pills

Pepto Bismol

Copy Paper

2-pocket Folders (colored)

Post-it Notes

HP-564 (color and black ink cartridges)