The Story of Zeus


Hi There! My name is Zeus!

My story is sad but I am hoping that perhaps by sharing it, someone will open their heart and their home to me.  I was brought to MDAS when I was only 4 weeks old with my mom and my brothers and sisters.  As my first owner was walking into Animal Services, a young lady and her mother were walking in looking to adopt a puppy. When they first laid eyes on me, they knew I was the one.  It was surely my lucky day! My new family got me a nice bed to sleep in, cool toys, treats and even let me lay on the couch, which was really cool! I pretty much ruled the place!  I had a new big brother too, but he really was not much into placing so what is a puppy to do? Get into mischief of course!  I used to take over the couch and keep it all to myself, I used to sneak into the room and nibble on my dad’s feet (he didn’t like
that one bit) In fact I don’t think he really liked me at all.  I used to get in trouble with him all the time and he was not always very nice to me.  Until one day he wanted me out and my mom called a rescue girl named Sandra to ask her for some help.  Sandra told my mom that I needed to learn some manners and I had to follow house rules if I was ever going to find another home.  So I started seeing a trainer that began teaching me some cool tricks.  Oh and the best part, was that I used to get treats when I would follow the rules.  After 3 sessions I really became quite the pro!  I even thought that maybe I can stay in my home.  But my dad had made up his mind and I knew I couldn’t stay.  One day another girl called Sandra and was very eager to meet me.  She came to my house with her mom and her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.  Sandra and the trainer even came to see me too.  I was a bit nervous and really was not used to being around so many people.  But no matter what the trainer said I needed to work on, the girl was fine with it and really wanted to adopt me and give me a forever home.  Woohoo!  I was finally going to a home where I was actually going to be loved and accepted. It was a great day!  My new mom used to send pictures and videos to Sandra and life was going A OK.  BUT, I started guarding my food and my toys and did not like to share with my new family.  So, my new mom
decided to take me to a boarding and training facility.  It was kind of like a boot camp for pups.  I got to make new friends and was taught many new things.  I did not always want to follow the rules, but the trainers there works with me a lot and after 2 weeks I was finally going to get home.  Well even though the trainers really helped me work on a lot of things that in the beginning were concerning, no pup is perfect and I needed to practice all that I learned in class.  Well the first night I came home I forgot I was wasn’t supposed to guard my food and I startled my mom.  Well the next morning she was calling the training facility and Sandra because I could no longer stay in my new home.  I couldn’t believe this was happening again!  What is wrong with people?  I make one little mistake and that’s it?  They give up on me?  Why was this happening to me again?  I was only 5 months old and had already been in 3 homes.  Was I so terrible that no one wanted to teach me and work with me?  Well I decided that if everyone was going to just give up on me then I was just going to build an imaginary wall around me and when people come near me, I am just going to bark and scare them off!  I can’t stand another heartbreak, not again.  So Sandra let me stay at the boarding and training facility for another 2 weeks and then brought me home with her and let me stay in her garage.  I know that Sandra and her family love me, but I also know that it’s really not home. So I continue to wait for hope. Then one day Sandra invited a girl to come meet me with her friend.  They were young and hip and gave the best belly rubs.  The girl really liked me.  She even came back for a second visit and brought me one of her old shirts so I can smell her scent when she was not with me.  The only problem was that she lived with her parents and well, I guess they would have to be the ones to decide if they wanted me.  Well, a couple of weeks went by and I never saw her again.  It turns out her parents decided to give a home to another dog.  Lucky dog!  But why can’t I be so lucky?  No wonder I’m so weery of people!  All I get is disappointment from them.  Then one day a lady came to meet me with her sister.  They gave me so much attention and really seemed to like me.  I was such a good boy during the visit and as luck would have it, this lady said she wanted to take me home and possibly adopt me!  OMG! Have my prayers been answered finally?  A few days has passed and one day Sandra let me in her car and we took a road trip!  Yipee!  I love car rides!  I even got to ride shotgun in the front resting on Sandra’s lap.  It just doesn’t get better than this!  When we arrived to the lady’s house I met her boyfriend and they let me see their house.  I couldn’t believe it!  They had a bed for me, toys, new bowls and even a crate for me to sleep in at night.  Was I dreaming?  Somebody pinch me!  I had house rules to follow.  Even though I may not have been thrilled to have to wait and sit for my food, I did it because I wanted to show them I was a good boy after all.  I slept like a baby and had a great night.  The next morning however, Sandra got a call from the lady saying that even though she really wanted to give me a home, her boyfriend didn’t think it was a good time to bring a new dog to the house.  So once again, Sandra came to pick me up and bring me back to her garage.  This time I came with a new crate, bowls, toys and
treats.  I had a sleep over, but that’s where it ended.  So here I lay praying for a miracle because I am beginning to feel that it will only take a miracle for me to finally find my forever home.  Can someone please grant me this miracle?  Behind my insecure
exterior, all I really am is scared and as a trainer once mentioned, I am a coward.  I am afraid of more disappointment and false hope.  Perhaps one day someone will bring hope into my heart again.  All I can do is lay here and wait for my miracle to come. 

Zeus found his forever home on 1/7/2017 after being in the McGlynn Foster Home for 3 months.  He is very blessed to have found a forever home in St. Petersburg where he lives with his mommy Brooke and Daddy Aaron and will soon be a big brother to their first baby.  He is in training at Sit Means Sit and his parents continue to work with him and his resource guarding.  He is doing amazing.  I as so blessed to have found him an amazing home with a couple that is willing to continue with Zeus' Journey and accept him and work with him for life.  It makes me so happy to post his most updated pictures and I will continue to do so in order to show everyone that even the most challenging dogs who have had a rough start in life, deserve a loving home and can find their perfect match!

I will never forget this amazing boy who taught me the meaning of love, patience and perseverance.  I will love you forever my sweet Zeus and you will always be in my heart...